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R Zamora Linmark

R. Zamora Linmark has lived in Manila, London, Madrid, San Francisco, and Honolulu. Rolling the R’s is his first novel.


Private: Rolling the R’s

Kaya Press 1997

Illuminated by pop fantasies, Donna Summer disco tracks, and teen passion, the fiercely earnest characters in Rolling the R’s come to life against a background of burning dreams and neglect in a small 1970s Hawaiian community. In this daring first novel, tour-de-force experiments in narrative structure, pidgin, and perspective roll every “are”, throwing new light on gay identity and the trauma of assimilation. Rolling the R’s goes beyond “coming of age” and “coming out” to address the realities of cultural confusion, prejudice, and spiraling levels of desire in humorous yet haunting portrayals that are, as Matthew Stadler writes, “stylish, shameless, and beautiful.”

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“[A] style that combines the comic pitch of a drag queen with crazed, daredevil experimental techniques unseen since the ’60s heyday of Terry Southern and Hunter Thompson—all in a dense and startlingly beautiful pidgin dialect. Linmark nails the excitement and terror of being young with a rare and moving accuracy.”
— Dennis Cooper, Spin Magazine

Rolling the R’s is a downright funky, hothouse treat.”
— Jessica Hagedorn

“Linmark has done more than simply use the argot of equatorial poverty as a sexy, colorful idiom. In its structure, tone, and depths, Rolling the R’s is true to the furious and witty rhythms of a vernacular culture of resistance.”
Village Voice Literary Supplement

“R. Zamora Linmark serves up an eccentric and enchanting blend of disco memories, Tiger Beat crushes, and pidgin English in Rolling the R’s.
Out Magazine

“Miles away from singular narrators, linear tales, and middle-class white characters, an ocean away from the Continental United States, Linmark’s text explodes the formal and thematic expectations of young adult literature, pushing the boundaries of the genre with a dizzying array of stylistic choices.”
— Roopika Risam, Asian American Writers’ Workshop

R Zamora Linmark news

Asian American YA with Ed Lin and R. Zamora Linmark

Before the Young Adult became the edgy, best-selling genre it is today, Kaya Press was publishing cutting edge stories about Asian diasporic young people that changed the world. R. Zamora Linmark’s Rolling The Rs tells the stories of young people in Kalihi, Hawaii in a way that no one had ever allowed children to exist […]

R. Zamora Linmark On NPR

On May 29th our beloved Kaya author, R. Zamora Linmark, sat down with Michel Martin (host of NPR’s All Things Considered) to discuss his lasting 90’s debut novel, Rolling the R’s! We’re obviously big fans of Rolling over here at the Kaya Press office (especially since it still stands as one of our all time […]

Coast to Coast Tour Celebrates 20 Years of R. Zamora Linmark’s Rolling the R’s

Join R. Zamora Linmark as he tours America in support of Kaya’s re-release of the modern classic Rolling the R’s. Tour Dates  March 28th, 7 PM at University of Southern California Rolling the R’s: Literary Revolutions in the Asian Pacific Diaspora with Jessica Hagedorn and Lois-Ann Yamanaka Friends of the USC Libraries Lecture Hall, Doheny Memorial […]

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