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Catherine Liu

Catherine Liu is Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies/Visual Studies, Comparative Literature and English at the University of California, Irvine. In addition to directing the UCI Humanities Center, she is completing a book manuscript which addresses the abuse of populist mistrust of elites and its relationship to anti-intellectualism in American cultural politics. Her research and teaching focus on the intellectual history and formation of cultural criticism, psychoanalytic theory, political economy of cultural revolutions and the work of the Frankfurt School and Walter Benjamin. She has published art criticism, museum history, cultural policies and neoliberalism. In 2011, she published The American Idyll: Academic Anti-Elitism as Cultural Critique with the University of Iowa Press.



Oriental Girls Desire Romance

Kaya Press 2012

New York of the eighties: a time and a place where money is the most powerful intoxicant, glamour demands the embrace of excess, and cocaine evokes only the shadow of a risky proposition’s sharp high. While fortunes are being made in Soho galleries and on Wall Street, an underclass of transients-drag queens and dandies, club kids and strippers, artists and actors/models/wait staff circulate through the streets, serving as the city’s background color, cheap labor, and sleazy entertainment. The unnamed narrator of Oriental Girls Desire Romance, a young Chinese American woman, is a sharp and eloquent wit who skirts the edges of privilege and privation in this, New York’s own floating world. A refugee from the neuroses of an Ivy League education and a family of Maoist ideologues, she is also a recovering theory junkie who prefers her hits of reality straight up. Navigating the demimonde of New York as slacker, temp, and exotic dancer, she outmaneuvers the easy answers of Prozac or reform in a voice that is at once perceptive, hilarious, and refreshingly unhinged.

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“I couldn’t put Oriental Girls Desire Romance down…. I thank [Catherine Liu] for this book.”
— Kathy Acker, author of Blood and Guts in High School

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Kaya Press @ DTLAB Indie Press Cartel Featuring Catherine Liu

Kaya Press will be featured as part of Writ Large Press’s DTLAB series at the Traxx Bar in Union Station on Tuesday July 29th. The event will focus on Kaya author Catherine Liu (Oriental Girls Desire Romance), along with readings from Kaya Press’s backlist. Come through and have a drink, hear some of the work Kaya […]