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The pseudonymous author of these stories is one of the most prolific and widely-known genre fiction writers in South Korea today. Since debuting online in 1994, Djuna has maintained strict separation between their digital persona “Djuna” and the human(s) the lay behind it. Djuna is reachable through message boards and email but unavailable offline, and essentially nothing is known of them aside from what can be guessed from their writing. Djuna’s many books of fiction include Butterfly War (Nabi jeongjaeng, 1997), Duty-Free Zone (Myeonse guyeok, 2000), Transpacific Express (Taepyeongyang hoengdan teukkeup, 2002), Proxy War (Daerijeon, 2006), The Bloody Battle of Broccoli Plain (Brokolli pyeongwon ui hyeoltu, 2011), Not Yet Gods (Ajigeun sin i aniya, 2013), Memoir of a Joseon Bride (Gubujeon, 2019), and more. Djuna has also published individual stories online and in various multi-author compilations. Although Djuna is perhaps better known to many as a film critic, their place in South Korean SF world is unmistakable, and younger Korean SF writers such as Kim Boyoung and Kwak Jaesik credit Djuna for opening new possibilities in Korean science fiction and helping the genre develop to where it is today