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This past September, we hosted a booth at the literary extravaganza that is the Brooklyn Book Festival in New York. Our return to the Festival after not participating for several years was definitely a hit, largely due to our diverse plethora of featured activities!  

Highlights from the Brooklyn Book Festival:

1. Kaya and Kundiman hosted a #LitinColor reading in Brooklyn. Kaya author Amarnath Ravva along with other talented poets and writers enchanted the audience in a dimly lit backyard at Unnameable Books.

2. Ed Lin brought his magical omniscient Ouija board to answer controversial and life-changing questions for visitors to our booth.

3. We sent book festival attendees on a #LitinColor treasure hunt to interact with their favorite writers of color and discover new writers. See how many tasks you can complete by following the directions above!

4. We had a reunion with our NYC-based authors! Sam Chanse, Ed LinThaddeus Rutkowski, Lisa Chen and Amarnath Ravva all stopped by our booth to meet and greet readers.

5. We celebrated the launch of Lydia’s Funeral Video with authors Sam Chanse and Ed Lin in conversation at WORD in Brooklyn.

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