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Last Sunday, the Baltimore Sun’s Jonathan Van Harmelen published a review of Gene Oishi’s In Search of Hiroshi, emphasizing the book’s continued cultural relevance. The Baltimore Sun has a unique relationship with Oishi. The In Search of Hiroshi author was a reporter at the publication for 14 years where he covered city and state political issues.

“Elevated by Oishi’s clear writing and beautiful prose, ‘In Search of Hiroshi‘ offers a powerful study of one of the darkest chapters in American history and its legacy, and asks readers to consider what it means to be an American — a question as relevant today as it was when the book was first published.”

Read the full review here.

In his memoir, In Search of Hiroshi, Gene Oishi explores the ways in which he tried to distance himself from his Japanese heritage even as he questioned whether he would ever truly be accepted as fully American. Originally published in 1988 and long unavailable, Oishi’s memoir has been revised to include new essays and a conversation between Oishi and his daughter.

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