kaya publishes books of the asian pacific diaspora


This spring, Kaya Press Managing Editor Neelanjana Banerjee taught Asian American Publishing with Kaya Press in the UCLA Asian American Studies Department. Over the course of the quarter, students learned the ins and outs of publishing through Kaya Press, exploring the various challenges and successes within the industry — with an independent press and Asian American focus. Students also produced and edited their own zine projects, doing everything from asking for submissions, designing the layout, and presenting the final project. 

On May 31st, students presented their publication in a special event: Let’s EAAT: Exploring Asian American Themes featuring the publications from the class, with readings from contributors. Over the next few days, we are excited to share the diverse range of publications that students produced over the next few days. 

In the first installment of this series, we’re highlighting “Community and Belonging”. What does it mean to find community in a country you have never been to? Can moments of estrangement and pain open up the possibility for connection? These zines uncover the complexities of individual and intrapersonal relationships within AAPI culture.

Was Like, Is Like by Ashley Leung goes beyond the tourist facade of Instagrammable murals and eateries in Chinatowns to uncover how gentrification and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected those who live in these ethnic enclaves.

Tuesday by Madison Ing turns an ordinary weekday into an extraordinary moment of community and friendship for those part of Camp Kesem at UCLA. Tuesday details the heartfelt messages of the counselors and children whose lives have been impacted by a parent with cancer.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind closed doors? And They Were Roommates by Austin Nguyen and Helia Woo offers readers a glimpse into the gossip, friction, and joy that develops between roomies living in close quarters.

Be sure to check back in to view the next installment of our UCLA Zine Showcase Series!

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