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Kaya’s Newest Release: Sutra and Bible

Sutra and Bible is the companion catalog to the Japanese American National Museum’s exhibit, “Sutra and Bible: Faith and the Japanese American World War II Incarceration.” You can visit in person until November 27, 2022 or enjoy a video walkthrough of the gallery. This is the first museum exhibition to feature religion as a central prism through which we understand the wartime Japanese American experience. Sutra and Bible is an excellent resource for courses on Japanese Internment, religion, and the Asian American experience. Email neela@kaya.com to request desk copies.

The Sutra and Bible catalog is here! It is the latest project from our Ito Center Editions imprint. Co-edited by Duncan Ryuken Williams and Emily Anderson, the beautiful Sutra and Bible book journeys through Japanese American spiritual adaptation during WWII, weaving visual storytelling with auxiliary essays from over thirty prominent voices across academic, arts, spiritual, and social justice communities. Sutra and Bible brings us closer to the heart of the Japanese American wartime experience, spiritual resilience, and movements toward solidarity and reparations in the aftermath of state-sanctioned racial-religious animus.

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