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Did you know that Kaya’s smoking tiger logo comes from a traditional Korean phrase used at the beginning of folk tales: “When tigers used to smoke…,”  similar to “Once upon a time.” Along with this history, our smoking tiger has also been a fun way to visually represent our fierce and singular take on publishing and life itself, so we are especially excited for this Lunar Year!

In fact, we are planning to collaborate with artists and illustrators throughout the year to design tiger postcards and merchandise to send to our community, as part of our Kaya Press Year of the Tiger Club.

This dapper surfing tiger cub (did you know 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger?) is a collaboration between Kaya designers Ziyi Xu and Rhea Iyer! All of the amazing funders who donated to us in our super-successful 2021 annual fund drive will receive a postcard of this image as a thank you, and all of the upcoming tigers as well.

If you missed out on donating in 2021, no worries, if you donate to Kaya to us in the next week, we’ll send you a postcard, and you’ll become an official member of the Kaya Press Year of the Tiger Club, and receive merch all year long.

If you are already a member of the club (meaning you donated to us in 2021) and want to send us a lucky red (digital) envelope of cash to celebrate the new year, then we’ll send you an extra special packet of stickers and other tiger-ific goodies along with your postcard this month.

Donate here to get a streak of tigers (that’s really what it’s called) in your mailbox!!

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