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April marks National Poetry Month. Kaya is celebrating National Poetry Month by releasing the exclusive Water Bundle. The Water Bundle includes Koon Woon’s Water Chasing Water and Ishle Yi Park’s The Temperature of This Water. The Water Bundle invites you to submerge yourself in the immigrant experience and swim through the worlds of Koon Woon and Ishle Yi Park. Read more about each book below! 


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Water Chasing Water – Koon Woon


Described by Bob Holman as “Li Po in drag, the voice of New America,” Koon Woon exploded onto the poetry scene in the late 1990s. Largely self-taught and struggling with both mental illness and homelessness, Seattle-based Woon wrote about the back alleys and tenement rooms on the margins of immigrant culture. His first collection, The Truth in Rented Rooms (included in this volume), won a PEN poetry prize and earned praise from Lawerence Ferlinghetti and Garrison Keillor. Water Chasing Water is Woon’s second collection, and continues his exploration of loneliness and memory with poems and essays that seek out “This light/ Without which existence is not detectable.” 

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 The Temperature of This Water – Ishle Yi Park 


Ishle Park’s debut collection of poetry heralds the arrival of an exciting, vital new voice in poetry. In The Temperature of this Water, Park samples the climates of Rikers Island and Cheju Island, New York and Korea, to present an unflinching, meticulously detailed view of lives cracked open as much by love as they are by overwork, violence,  and racism. Sharp street wit and a sensual attention to detail give vivid, palpable form to the lovers and criminals, mothers and gangsters who live behind the closed doors of New York immigrant life. Within each poem lies a story; within each story lies a whole community waiting to be uncovered. Whether tracing the paths of prisoners meeting girlfriends or Korean comfort women or .44s shot from rooftops in Brooklyn, Park’s passion and uncompromising honesty lay bare the ruined heart of a city still pulsing with light. Read more about the book here!


Celebrate National Poetry Month and order this bundle here!


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