kaya publishes books of the asian pacific diaspora


Part two of our series highlighting new zines by UCLA students is here! These students in Neelanjana Banerjee’s class, entitled Asian American Studies 104B: Asian American Publishing with Kaya Press, sought to fully integrate the theme of the class into their work, and this group of publications focused on various Asian and Asian American stories and narratives.

Asian American Eats by Vivan Kung shares recipes for dishes from all over Asia, explores the stories, and celebrates the value of food as a uniting and cultural force. 

Generations, GenerAsians By Derrick Hills conveys stories from across the spectrum of Asian and Asian American  experiences. The focus specifically falls on bridging difference sin age, culture, and language to share lessons learned and lessons to pass on. 

Living in the Hmongment by Kristy Vang focuses on the lives of Hmong Americans and brings attention to the ways that they have succeeded in their own communities, as well as the struggles that they had to overcome to get there.

The Power Within Empowerment by Joshua Cole Sanchez tells stories about the lives of Filipino Americans and how they empower each other within their own community. It brings Filipino Americans together to move forward and push through.

Stay tuned for one more installment!

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