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The David Tung Can’t Have A Girlfriend Until He Gets Into An Ivy League College virtual book tour will kick off in style at the Brooklyn Book Festival! Plus more events that you can attend in your PJs!

Friday, Oct 2, 2020 – 4pm PST / 7 pm EST RSVP Here!
Love Vs. Internship: The first big David Tung event, which is part of the Brooklyn Book Festival and co-partnered with the Asian American Writers Workshop and Kundiman, will be on Friday, October 2nd! An official 2020 Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends, Kaya Press brings acclaimed novelist Ed Lin together with pioneering YA author, and co-founder of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop Marie Myung-Ok Lee (Finding My Voice [Soho Teen, 2021 re-release]) in conversation to celebrate the release of Ed Lin’s YA debut, David Tung Can’t Have A Girlfriend Until He Gets Into An Ivy League College (Kaya Press, October 2020). Moderated by Ruth Minah Buchwald, Ed Lin and Marie Lee’s dialogue will orbit themes, such as: Asian American study culture; the pitfalls of the “model minority” myth and how to challenge it; multiple standards and (mis)representations of Asian Americans in literature and the media; and coming-of-age in the Asian American diaspora while navigating relationships through race, class, young love, not to mention the confusing expectations of immigrant parental pressure.

The events at these local bookstores will be viewable from everywhere for the first time!

Sunday, Nov 1, 2020 – time TBA
Ed Lin and Chris Terry with Skylight Books in Los Angeles.

Friday, Nov 6, 2020 – time TBA
Ed Lin and Naomi Hirahara with Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena.

David Tung Can’t Have a Girlfriend Until He Gets Into an Ivy League College is the first official young adult novel from Ed Lin, author of the acclaimed novels Waylaid and This Is a Bust. David Tung is a Chinese American high-school student in an upscale, Asian-majority, New Jersey suburb who works every day at his family’s restaurant and strategizes every homeroom about how to improve his class rank so he can get into an Ivy League college. His only release? Hanging with his “real” friends once a week at Chinese school in NYC’s working-class Chinatown. But when the pretty and popular Christina Tau asks him to a high school dance, David’s tightly regimented life gets thrown into a tailspin—especially since, as his mother likes to remind him, he’s not allowed to have a girlfriend! Should he defy his mother and go to the dance? Or defy Christina’s wishes and spend Saturday night studying for the MCATs? And how is he going to explain all this to Betty Jung, the standout pupil from Chinese School whose opinion he can’t help but care about? Ed Lin’s YA-novel debut takes on coming-of-age in the Asian diaspora with a heartwarming and humorous exploration of race, class, young love, and the contradictory expectations of immigrant parents.

David Tung Can’t Have a Girlfriend Until He Gets Into an Ivy League College will be published on October 28th, 2020. Pre-orders are available until the end of September. Pre-order your copy today!

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“The most consistent intelligent wide-ranging committed press I know – Kaya is an example of how to turn ‘small’ books into literary arrows that shoot straight and true into the heart of our culture and (of course) ourselves.”

— Junot Díaz