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Close followers of Kaya Press and our positively vibrant social media accounts will know that we love to place the spotlight on writers of color with our #LitInColor campaign. Well starting now we’re adding a new branch to that campaign and it shall henceforth be known as the #LitInColor Mixtape!

At this year’s 2016 AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference we gathered together some of our favorite writers, editors and literary folks and interviewed them about a favorite piece from a writer of color who has influenced them – leading to a daisy chain of diversified bliss that we made sure to record for posterity. These recordings are effectively going to be our new weekly Kaya Press Mixtape project of love!

The first Episode of this aforementioned Mixtape features writer Amarnath Ravva (author of American Canyon) reading a piece from the book Ascension by Giovanni Singleton. And Ashaki Jackson reading Break Balance by Suheir Hammad!

Hit up our Kaya SoundCloud account now and CHECK IT OUT!

UPDATE (8/18/2016): Episode 2 of the LitInColor Mixtape is live on SoundCloud! This chapter of our audio experimentation features Rajiv Mohabir reading from the poem Mango Season by Faizal Deen and Lisa Loitz reading from Soliders of God by poet Nobuo Ayukawa!

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