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Last Wednesday we celebrated Nicholas Wong & his poetry collection Crevasse at Stories Books & Cafe! Although Nic was in Hong Kong, the celebration was still a success. Zoë Ruiz hosted a reading in which Los Angeles writers Lisa Locascio, Douglas Manuel, Siel Ju, and Brandon Som gave moving readings of their favorite poems from Crevasse.

These writers also wowed the audience with their own fiction and poetry. Lisa read an intimate scene from her forthcoming novel involving language, sex, and desire, and it coincidentally included the word “crevasse”. Siel read part of a fiction piece about meeting and dating a nudist. Doug—who actually published one of Nic’s poems years ago as Managing Editor at Booth Journal—read poems about his own childhood and his father. Brandon wrapped up the readings with a new poem about a syllable of endearment that his grandmother adds to his name.

All in all, it was a great evening! You can check out Siel Ju’s blog for more pics and her coverage of the event.

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