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Critic Aaron Bady at the New Inquiry recently highlighted Shailja Patel’s MIGRITUDE on his blog Zunguzungu. Patel’s text is part memoir and part political history, a hybrid of poetry and performance in written form to create a portrait of women’s lives and migrant journeys. It nearly topped Bady’s list of African must-reads. He movingly describes the impact of MIGRITUDE as follows:

“This book is as beautiful as its cover, and I’ve learned almost as much from her writing as I’ve learned from her example. So brave and strong that you almost don’t notice the melding of an acute artistic sensitivity with painful self-reflection. So worldly that you almost don’t notice how rooted she is. So political that you almost don’t notice that she writes about love, always.”

Read more of Aaron Bady’s review, including his other text recommendations, here: http://bit.ly/1yy7xqz

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