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Discover Nikkei, a site dedicated to exploring Nikkei identity, history and experiences, posted a review of Gene Oishi’s FOX DRUM BEBOP. The writer, Arthur Hansen, outlines his experience with Oishi, from first hearing about his political critics in the 1960s to reading his memoir and newly released novel. 

Hansen reflects on parallels between Oishi’s and his journeys and ends with a comparison of FOX DRUM BEBOP and Oishi’s memoir IN SEARCH OF HIROSHIMA. He distinguishes the two as Oishi did–the former based on memories and storytelling rather than strict fact. Hansen celebrates the new release as the better of Oishi’s two books, conveying that the author has been “freed from the bonds of strict factuality,” and as a result is permitted to “plumb the depths of subjective truth.”

Hansen attests to historian Greg Robinson’s assessment that FOX DRUM BEBOP “ranks near the top of fictional works produced by Nisei writers.” Read his complete review here: http://bit.ly/1FJSm0J

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